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Before visiting us at Wild River Dog Park, please ensure that you have read all of our terms and conditions stated below. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us prior to your visit.


1. Use of Wild River Dog Park is entirely at owner’s/handlers own risk. Whilst we have taken measures to ensure your dogs safety and yours, we cannot be held responsible for ANY injury/accident or damages. Please consult a staff member if you have concerns about the behaviour of other dogs in the park. Dog can become over excitable leading to over arousal when running in a pack. 

2. All agility equipment within both the Fun and Private Park is for dogs only. Not to be used by adults or children (we know its hard for the young ones to resist!)

3. Children are welcome at Wild River Dog Park however they must be under strict supervision by an adult at all times. This is for both your children and dogs’ safety. Although your dog may be very comfortable around your children, not all dogs have regular exposure to children. Depending on the session, kids on occasion may be asked to be seated.

4. Cancellations. Anyone looking to cancel and obtain a refund or reschedule their booking must do so at least 48 hours before booked slot. Any less than this, you will not get a refund. Late rescheduling will be at our discretion, for example thunder, lightning, sickness, flooding or unsafe driving conditions. To reschedule, please call or text us on +447394248387 or reschedule on the Booksy app.

5. All slots are 50 minutes, giving you 10 minutes to get your dogs both into and out of the park. If you have more dogs, please allow yourself more time for this! Dogs must be on lead when entering and exiting the park.

6. When visiting us at Wild River, please do not enter the park any earlier than your allocated time. This is due to the fact the previous slot will still be in the Fun or Private Park. We understand on occasions people may arrive early due to travelling out of area, however you will be expected to stay in your car until it is time for your appointment. This cuts down on any lead reactivity with dogs entering and exiting the park.

7. Please do not bring your dog to the park if it is unwell and ensure its vaccinations and worming is all up to date. If your dog does fall sick, please reschedule.

8. We cannot guarantee there will be another dog booked in with you in the Fun Park. Please message us in advance and we can advise you on a time when there are other dogs booked in the park.

9. When in the Fun Park we please ask that there are no more than 3 dogs per handler. This is to ensure that you are able to supervise your dogs adequately at all times during your session.

10. LIFT YOUR DOGS POOS! Guys, we know it’s hard to spot your pooch in our park, especially if they are at the other side but please pick up after your dog. We want the space to be clean for all visitors! We have plenty of dog-waste bins so there is no excuse.

11. Never leave your dog unattended in either the Fun or Private Park. Some dogs with separation anxiety can react out of character and could put themselves or others at risk.

12. PLEASE wear suitable clothing when visiting Wild River Dog Park. Due to weather in Northern Ireland, a lot of the time we have rain! If you have them, wear wellies or hiking boots. Something you don’t mind getting muddy!

13. Do not leave any gates open when entering or leaving Wild River Dog Park. The fact we are a secure space for dogs means that they can not get out – so if you leave any gates open, the person after you or anyone still in the park may have their dog escape. Please be mindful and take your time when entering and leaving the park.

14. While Wild River is a fenced, enclosed space, it is impossible to guarantee 100% security for every dog that visits. Our park has been thoroughly tried and tested by all breeds.

15. Our Fun Park is for well-socialised dogs ONLY. Dogs showing any aggressive behaviours will be asked to leave. If in doubt, book our Private Park.

16. Dog handlers need to be 16 years and over.

17. Un-neutered males are welcome in both our Fun and Private Park, we just ask to know in advance before showing up for your slot.

18. Due to health and safety concerns, we would prefer our park to be a smoke free zone. If you would like to smoke, please ensure you dispose of ash and cigarette butts responsibly.

19. All dogs must wear either a collar or harness while in the park.

20. The use of treats is permitted in the park but do not feed other people's dogs.

21. Please be aware that puppies should be on restricted exercise that is suited to their stage of development and should not be using the agility equipment due to developing joints. They should also not be joining any events unless over 10 months old.


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